​​Haleakala ​R&D


Hawaiian Island of Maui
Sunrise overlooking Haleakala National Park

People often ask why is the name of the company called Haleakala Research and Development, Inc.? Haleakala is an Hawaiian name that means "House of the Sun". Much of the sun is in the ionized gaseous or plasma state. Our plasma antennas when on are also in the partially ionized gaseous state and can be in the fully ionized gaseous state. Ionized gas is a also called plasma. Plasma is a conducting gas. Plasma antennas work because antennas need a conducting medium. Metals conduct current, but plasma also conducts current and it does so with more flexibility than a metal. Plasma is also known as the fourth state of matter. When enough energy is given to a gas, some or all electrons get stripped from the nuclei, forming a gas of positive ions, unbound electrons, and some neutral atoms for partial ionization. This is the plasma state.