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Summary of Accomplishments - 389KB PDF
Comprehensive Presentation and Reference - 2.42MB PDF


Lockheed Martin - 32KB PDF
US Army - 64KB PDF

Peer Reviewed Journal Articles

Experimental and Theoretical Results With Plasma Antennas - 2.8MB PDF
Plasma Frequency Selective Surfaces - 693KB PDF
An Operating Intelligent Plasma Antenna - 3.45MB PDF
Plasma Frequency Selective Surface Radome
Technology Protection for Space-borne Phased Array Antennas
- 371KB PDF


List of All Relevant Patents - 14KB PDF

Low noise

Plasma antenna noise response - 49KB PDF

Satellite Plasma Antennas

Satellite Plasma Antenna - 1.1MB PDF

Increasing Antenna Range

Plasma Lens for Increasing Range - 741KB PDF

Scientific American

Scientific American Article - 183KB

Popular Mechanics

Popular Mechanics Article - 3.1MB PDF - Direct Link

Antenna Systems

Antenna Systems Article - 1.4MB PDF

Air Force

Official Air Force Success Story - 370KB PDF